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Internal Doors

Cove Carpenters specialises in internal doors, providing a unique and comprehensive service for homeowners and business customers in the area around Farnborough, Aldershot, Farnham, Guildford, Woking, Basingstoke and Reading, as well as the M3 corridor from the M25 to Winchester.

Our unique combination of carpentry and engineering expertise has led us to develop an innovative and complete solution to the supply and fitting of internal doors, so that the whole job can be managed on-site in the most efficient and least disruptive way.

I Four Easy Steps

…to YOUR new fully furnished interior doors

Bespoke Door Fitting

Our unique combination of carpentry and engineering skills


New internal doors can transform the look of your home and add a touch of quality and class to your furnishings.

Choosing and fitting a door into a door frame might sound like a simple job.  But it can be far from it!  Odd or warped door frames, uneven floors, old buildings and many other factors can make it much more complex.  Not to mention fire and building regulations, ensuring proper gaps, realignments and fitting hinges and locks that work properly.

As we have both carpentry and mechanical engineering expertise, Cove Carpenters takes all the drama out of having internal doors fitted. We can supply, machine, fit, finish and paint your chosen doors before they enter your property. We have the tooling and expertise to deliver a quick and efficient service with greatly reduced handling than traditional fitting and without the physical disruption and noise, including greatly reduced paint fumes normally associated with the installation of new doors.

Value for Money

Our internal doors service is extremely popular across the Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire area and our low cost supplier prices mean that we can offer exceptional value to our customers whilst maintaining the high quality of the doors and fittings.

All our work is fully insured and carried out to the high standards we are known for (see testimonials from customers).

Our 10 Points of Quality Promise


1. Fit Even gap of 2-4mm all sides, except bathroom & airing cupboards where 10mm gap at base is required for ventilation.

2. Door Stops New primed white door stops fitted and pin holes filled.

3. Clearance Left between door and door stop to allow for paint thickness.

4. Finish Three coats of clear polyurethane varnish to top and both sides.

5. Base Bottom is sealed to prevent moisture ingress.

NOTE: Door linings and stops will require painting, by others, once door installation is complete.


6. Fit securely using all holes.

7. Rattle Grub screws tightended and bonded using threadlock.

8. Level to the eye.


9. Quality Guaranteed to work 100% of the time.


10. Finish All existing hinge and latch/lock holes covered or filled flush ready for painting.

Choosing Your Doors

We can advise on all the options to help you choose beautiful doors for your home

We supply and fit a wide range of internal doors in both hardwood and softwood, with a comprehensive range of styles and finishes.

Whether you want a contemporary or traditional look for your internal doors, we can advise on all the options for the functionality you need and the look you want to create.

We work closely with Howdens Joinery to supply your doors. You can see examples opposite and look through their catalogue, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like our advice to help you choose.

Caring for your Environment

Your Home Our Promise


All carpets and hard floors protected with an appropriate adhesive covering for the full time of installation.


Dust sheets will be used to protect all areas near to our working area.


We carry out as much of the fitting as possible in our mobile workshop, to reduce the amount of dust in your property.


Where possible, one toilet will always be left with a functioning door.

How you can prepare for our arrival


Please DO NOT remove existing doors from their door frames!


Remove any clothes from hooks and hangers on existing doors - we will remove hooks, hangers and handles.

Removed handles will be donated to charity for recycling, unless you request otherwise.


Clear the floors in each room to be worked in - toys, ornaments etc - and put away clothing. We will not be able to start work until you have done so.


Remove pictures and mirrors from walls adjacent to stairs if we are going upstairs.


If you can find/make a little room in your garage it is often helpful, but not essential.

Get in Touch

If you would like a FREE ESTIMATE for your carpentry job, please phone or email to arrange an appointment.  Or if you would simply like to discuss your carpentry needs or ask for advice.


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